• Tulsa Airmen participate in operational readiness exercise

    Airmen at the 138th Fighter Wing took part in an operational readiness exercise (ORE) here on Jan. 10 to practice and hone their war fighting skills.Highly effective aircraft production and employment, command and control as well as properly executing individual protective equipment and mission

  • UTA Parking Plan - January 2015

    January 10, 2015All non-exempt personnel will park off base on Saturday 10 Jan 2015.  Off base parking is located in one of three locations:- City of Tulsa parking lot just east of the Alternate Gate - LIMA 2 (around 80-100 parking spots).- The grass field to the east of the base adjacent to Civil

  • Road Construction Begins Monday 6 October 2014

    The main gate area, intersection of Viper Street and N. Falcon Ave, will beunder construction starting Monday morning, 6 October 2014.MONDAY ONLY: Everyone will enter the main gate for work.0800: Intersection will be closed off for the next 4-weeksMain Gate off of 46th St. N. Operations for the next

  • October UTA Parking and Gate Entry/Exit Plan (4-5 October 2014)

    Personal weapons are NOT allowed on base. Law Enforcement (badged/commissionedPolice Officers/Investigators) are the only authorized personnel allowed tobring weapons onto base. Concealed carry weapons other than Law Enforcemenare not authorized on base and are not allowed to be stored in your

  • Tulsa Air National Guard Airman receives Purple Heart

    Tech. Sgt. Kody Jorgensen, of the 138th Logistics Readiness Squadron, received the Purple Heart during a ceremony at Tulsa Air National Guard Base on Sept. 6.Jorgensen was awarded the medal for injuries he sustained in Afghanistan while serving with the Georgia National Guard's 265th Regional

  • 138th Fighter Wing Chiefs Council Cleans Static Display

    Members of the 138th Fighter Wing Chiefs Council spear headed an effort to clean the vintage aircraft on display at the Oklahoma Air National Guard base in Tulsa Okla., 29 July 2014. Chief Master Sergeants from around the installation, along with Lieutenant Colonel Travis Brown, 138th Maintenance

  • 138th Fighter Wing Commander Call - June 2014

    TULSA, Okla. - Airmen from the 138th Fighter Wing, participated in a 4 day Unit Training Assembly at the Tulsa Air National Guard base, June 5-8, 2014. The extended UTA, called "Super Drill", focused on satisfying annual ancillary training and medical requirements. The final day of training was

  • 138th Communications Flight Recognizes Employer Support

    Much has been said about the sacrifices service men and women make to their country through long deployments away from home. In recent years, similar attention has been paid to families left behind, who have to deal with home life while their loved ones are away. But, rarely do you hear of the

  • Earth Day at the 138th Fighter Wing

    Each year Air Force installations around the world observe Earth Day on April 22 by taking actions to support the Air Force's Earth Day theme of "Conserve Today - Secure Tomorrow." This year, Air Force activities will focus on sustainability, referring to the capacity to continue the mission without

  • The 138th Fighter Wing celebrates their 2013 Outstanding Airmen of the Year

    TULSA, Okla. - Senior Leadership from the 138th Fighter Wing hosted a luncheon and award ceremony to celebrate their 2013 Outstanding Airmen of the Year.Oklahoma Adjutant General, Major General Myles L. Deering and Assistant Adjutant General Air, Brigadier General Gregory L. Ferguson, were on hand