UTA Parking Plan - January 2015

  • Published
  • By Maj Chris Rogalski
  • 138th SFS
January 10, 2015
All non-exempt personnel will park off base on Saturday 10 Jan 2015.  Off base parking is located in one of three locations:
- City of Tulsa parking lot just east of the Alternate Gate - LIMA 2 (around 80-100 parking spots).
- The grass field to the east of the base adjacent to Civil Engineering Squadron.
- The concrete pad at the corner of 46th St. North and Mingo (around 80-100 parking spots).

EXEMPT:  Commanders, O-4s and above, E-9s, First Sergeants, on-duty SF/Fire, and BX customers will enter through the Alternate Gate (LIMA-2) and park in
the TDY parking lot.  All other personnel will be directed to park off base.

NOTE: Main gate entry off of 46th St. N. will be closed.  Also, all areas on base are part of the exercise and will be closed off.

ENTRY: The Alternate Gate (LIMA-2) will be open at 0400 and close no earlier than 2300.  All personnel will report directly to work center and check into
the exercise.

January 11, 2015: Normal Operations - see below

Personal weapons are NOT allowed on base. Law Enforcement (badged/commissioned Police Officers/Investigators) are the only authorized personnel allowed to bring weapons onto base.  Concealed carry weapons other than Law Enforcement are not authorized on base and are not allowed to be stored in your vehicle while parked on base.  Leave your guns at home.  All vehicles are subject to search at any time, to include inbound and outbound searched at the main gate.

The Main Gate off of 46th St. N. will be open for vehicle traffic as early as 0400 and close no earlier than 2000.
Note: If gate is closed, use outside phone for entry or exit between 2000 - 0400 hours.

The Alternate Gate off of North 93rd East Ave. will also be open with very limited hours of operation to help expedite traffic flow:
- Inbound Vehicles Only: 0530 - 0705
- Outbound Vehicles Only: 1500 - 1600
Note: Pedestrian traffic will be allowed in and out all day

CONSTRUCTION AREA: Fire Department area is the only construction spot that is off limits.  No parking is allowed south of Building 501.  This area is closed
and coned off.  Do not move cones or drive in this area.

All other areas to include the TDY parking lot are available for parking. Please park with consideration in non-striped parking areas and do not block
entrances or impede traffic flow.

You may park along the road on the grass side (east side) next to the TDY parking lot.

Do NOT park in the BX designated parking spots.  These spots are for BX customers ONLY and temporary parking is limited to 15-minutes.

Please take the time to park safely and stay on the hardened surface to prevent damage to your own vehicle.

Student Flight personnel will continue to park in the City of Tulsa parking lot east of the base and walk on through the alternate gate.  Other base
personnel are authorized to park in the city lot as well for overflow.

OVERFLOW: Personnel may be directed off base to park if the base is full.  In the event you are directed off base, park either in the City of Tulsa parking
lot, in the grass area do east of Civil Engineering, or on the concrete pad at the corner of 46th Street North and Mingo.

As a reminder, have your ID card out and ready for inspection to help traffic flow at the main gate.