Road Construction Begins Monday 6 October 2014

  • Published
  • By Maj Chris Rogalski
  • 138th SFS/CC
The main gate area, intersection of Viper Street and N. Falcon Ave, will be
under construction starting Monday morning, 6 October 2014.

MONDAY ONLY: Everyone will enter the main gate for work.
0800: Intersection will be closed off for the next 4-weeks

Main Gate off of 46th St. N. Operations for the next 4-weeks:
-219EIS, Vehicle Maintenance, and other building occupants on the northwest of
base will use main gate for entry and exit.
- Contractor trucks and personnel entry for construction.
- SF manning the gate hours will be limited from 0600-1800, Monday-Thursday.
- Gate Closed: Friday - Sunday
- Entry or exit outside of these hours will require telephone request from the
gate phone - SF will have to respond to the gate to open on a case by case
basis (please limit due to limited manpower).

Lima-2 gate off of North 93rd East Ave Operations for the next 4-weeks:
- All other base members will enter and depart this gate under normal
- Fire Department Contractors will use this gate for entry and exit.
NOTE: Off hours of operation when gate is closed, entry and exit will require
a phone call directly to BDOC 918-833-7321.

NOTE: If any GOV/POV requires to get from south of the construction to the
north (or north to south) will require to exit one gate and drive around to
the other gate.  No vehicles will be allowed to drive through the construction

Do not enter the construction zone by foot or vehicle.

Please be patient over the next 4-weeks.  Thank you.