Category: Chaplain's Corner
  • Strong Bonds

       The 138th Fighter Wing's Chaplain and Family Readiness Offices are offering you a truly outstanding program known as Strong Bonds. The event will be held August 10 - 12. Strong Bonds offers a fresh approach. It is basic and straightforward. The workshop and material teach couples the skills they need to nurture a lasting love. You will spend
  • The Chaplain's Assistant

        The Air National Guard Chaplain's Office is the symbol of hope and encouragement for any Air Force installation, and embodies all aspects of spiritual and religious encouragement for Air Force personnel. What many Airmen don't know is that for every Chaplain counseling session, sermon, or invocation, there is a Chaplain Assistant nearby taking
  • The "New Normal" (October 2011)

       As we all are well aware, September 11, 2001 has changed the way we think and operate in America. Since that date, we have been introduced to a "new way" of existing, thinking and doing. I am always happy to know that our airports are safer, but at the same time, the long lines to get through security as well as not being able to bring your own
  • Passing Your PT Test ... for Life! (Sept 2011)

    With the annual PT test coming up, some of us are dusting off our running shoes to go hit the track a couple times a week and to crank out sit ups and pushups so we can pass our PT test. Some of us pant, moan, and groan that we have to actually do PT or run. I'm sure you've heard the wise cracks and jokes about it... "The only time I run is when