Strong Bonds

  • Published
  • By Lt Col Emile Hawkins Sr.
  • 138th FW/HC
   The 138th Fighter Wing's Chaplain and Family Readiness Offices are offering you a truly outstanding program known as Strong Bonds. The event will be held August 10 - 12. Strong Bonds offers a fresh approach. It is basic and straightforward. The workshop and material teach couples the skills they need to nurture a lasting love. You will spend most of your time in special discussions or practicing skills. Key topics include expectations, commitment, forgiveness, feeling understood, and sensuality. Strong Bonds is not therapy and is probably unlike anything to which you have been exposed. No "encounter" group or sharing of personal concerns, no dry psycho-babble.... Simply thrilling insights into a more loving, growth-filled relationship!
   Strong Bonds begins with teaching effective communication skills, addresses problem resolution strategies that work, reveals how to discover the hidden issues in every relationship, and then moves into caring, fun, and friendship.

Questions about the Marriage Retreat 

   We're doing pretty well. Why should we consider attending a Marriage Enrichment Retreat? 
   All of us can improve our skills when it comes to loving the most important person in our life. STRONG BONDS can provide concrete strategies and tools to build a rewarding marriage.

Is this a religious program?
No. No particular denominational teachings are included in Strong Bonds.

Will we be expected to tell a bunch of strangers what our problems are?
No. This is not group therapy. It is an educational and practical application opportunity to learn what works in marriage (and what makes marriage work).

What does the retreat cost?
This retreat is provided at NO COST. Meals and lodging will be provided.
Why would Major Commands give service members pay to attend a Marriage Enrichment Workshop?
The National Guard Bureau cares about your family relationships. It's a huge boost to family readiness.

   If you have any questions, or wish to register, please contact Mrs. Connie Hurt - Family Readiness Coordinator - or myself at