Category: Commander's Message
  • Brigadier General Hepner's November 2011 Message

       We are approaching a change in seasons. With this change we need to, once again, take stock of our safety practices both at work and at home. Ensure your cold weather uniform requirements are in good order. Any items you need and don't have, place an order with Equipment Issue. Winterize your vehicles and home now while the temperature is mild.
  • Brigadier General Hepner's October 2011 Message

    This month finds our aviation package back in the AOR taking the fight to the enemy. Last week our ADVON packages and main body departed base. This weekend our jets will launch to meet the rest of our war fighters on the ground. This short notice AEF tasking and your response displays to the Combat Air Forces that you are the one that steps up to
  • Brigadier General Hepner's September 2011 Message

        This month we will be celebrating Family Day on Saturday, September 10th. Please bring your families out and enjoy a great day. The schedule of events will include honoring our own Hometown Heroes to kickoff Family Day. I'm hoping that the weather will cooperate and the heat will have subsided.    The next couple of months will be busy with our
  • Brig Gen Hepner's August 2011 Message

       The heat is on! The stress of working outside, in this heat, is evident to everyone. Please listen to the stress index announcements and take heed on the work rest cycles. Along with working outside, keep in mind that outside physical training can also cause heat related stresses that can be dangerous.    Last month we had a small deployment to