Chief Master Sergeant Dipiazzo Challenges His Organization

  • Published
  • By Master Sergeant Joshua Schell
  • 138th Communications Flight Public Affairs Representative
With the hum of hair cutting clippers, Chief Master Sergeant Dennis Dipiazzo, Chief of Cyber Communications, 138th Communications Flight, Tulsa Air National Guard, knew he would be wearing his watch cap more often this winter. During January 2014 Unit Training Assembly, at the 138th Fighter Wing, he challenged his unit to achieve 100% membership in the National Guard Association of Oklahoma (NGAOK). If the twenty plus members of the 138th Comm Flt., could meet his challenge, he would allow them to shave his head. It took them less than 48 hours to reach their goal. "It was on," said SSgt Brittany Dias of the Cyber Systems Operations branch. "I went from unit to unit collecting donations to support the challenge from other airmen who wanted to see a Chief Master Sergeant with a shaved head." Not only did members of the 138 Comm Flt buzz the Chief's head with the clippers, they also brought out the shaving cream and razor. "I wasn't prepared for that," stated Chief Dipiazzo. "I thought it was just going to be a close cut until I saw someone lathering up the shaving cream. Then I knew I was in for it."

NGAOK is the premier association for officers and enlisted members in the Oklahoma Air and Army National Guards. The association is dedicated to promoting the status, welfare, and professionalism of all members of the Oklahoma National Guard by supporting legislation that provides adequate staffing, pay benefits, entitlements, equipment, and installations. It has been a constant voice of support since its inception.