Civil Engineers at 138th conduct water survival training

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Preston Chasteen
  • 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from the 138th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) conducted basic water survival training during their unit training assembly Feb. 8 at a facility in Claremore, Okla.

Lt. Col. Martin Keiner, 138th CES commander, makes every effort to insure his training scenarios are fulfilling multiple roles of organizational functionality including personnel management, leadership, logistical preparation and team building.

"It's not just the exercise of water survival in itself; it's an exercise in troop movement.  The value isn't just in the water training, but the organization, planning and all of the elements that make up the exercise," stated Keiner.

Training was conducted by a select officer and non-commissioned officers from the squadron with the curriculum for the training being put together by CES leadership.

"When you're in the water struggling to stay afloat and you have to work with someone to hold onto a bucket for a flotation device you quickly learn teamwork and build a sense of comradery," Keiner said.  "When you have to turn your pants into a floatation device it automatically forces you to talk and to work with others, but in a non-threatening and fun learning environment."

Keiner tries to conduct at least one training event every year that encompasses out of the ordinary scenarios, yet brings value to the skill sets of his people.

"I liked the training because it was good just to do something different on drill, a break in the monotony," stated Senior Airman Cody Dollar, Operations Management Apprentice.  "The training was really put together well, with a very knowledgeable staff.   It was a really awesome experience." 

Seventy CES personnel participated in the water survival training, with approximately 30 personnel staying at the 138th for base support.