Tulsa ANG participates in “National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Preston Chasteen
  • 138th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Members of the 138th Fighter Wing and their families participated in the "national take our daughters and sons to work day" held here April 23.

The one day event allowed children to go to work with their parents and see first-hand what mom or dad does for a living, as well as give children a better understanding of what's involved with a job or career as an Air National Guard member.

Upon arrival at the 138th, children were registered, given refreshments, and briefed about what to expect with the day's events.

Program participants were given tours of the base and visited multiple work areas that highlighted various aspects of support and operations for the installation.

"Everything went really smooth," said Capt. Quentin Tibbetts.  Tibbetts helped coordinate the event with the 138th family readiness office.   "The kids really enjoyed every section that they visited, and it was good for them to see not only where their parents work, but what else goes on here on a day to day basis."

Tulsa implemented their program using the national program template, and hosted nearly 50 kids for this event.

"I believe we definitely embraced this year's theme of, empowering our children's future," stated Tibbetts.  "I'm sure some of these kids walked away from here today with an idea of what they may want to do with their lives in the future."

Take our daughters and sons to work day is a nationally recognized program that has received White House endorsement and participation for the last 10 years.