Brig Gen Hepner's August 2011 Message

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Michael D. Hepner
  • 138th FW
   The heat is on! The stress of working outside, in this heat, is evident to everyone. Please listen to the stress index announcements and take heed on the work rest cycles. Along with working outside, keep in mind that outside physical training can also cause heat related stresses that can be dangerous.
   Last month we had a small deployment to Barking Sands NAS at the Pacific Missile Test Facility in Kauai, Hawaii. This was the operational test of the Navy's missile defense from their ships. Our airmen have performed flawlessly in these high profile, very precise, tests that have no margin of error. I spoke with the department heads at the test range and they continue to give our folks maximum kudos for doing their jobs correctly and safely every time. My hats off to each of you!
   The 138th Civil Engineering Squadron returned last month from their six month deployment to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I had the rare opportunity to venture there and see firsthand what an outstanding job they did. Lt Col Keiner and his warriors maintained an encampment that is second to none. The amazing thing was that this encampment was started and built on an old bare runway. A truly amazing feat!
Lt Col David Keely will be taking command of the 219th EIS Squadron this UTA from Lt Col Mike Schultz. Congratulations to Lt Col Keely on his new command. He has recently returned to Tulsa after a year in school at the Army Air War College and is eager to get back into the fight. We are looking forward to grand achievements from him and his squadron!
   I would like to recognize the 138FW's newest Chief Master Sergeant. SMSgt Bruce Hutson was promoted to Chief last month in a ceremony at the Aerospace Dining Facility. Chief Hutson demonstrates the Air Forces core values in all of his duties and I would like to congratulate him and will be calling upon him to move the wing into the future.
   As always, we have airmen deployed in the AOR. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers for a safe return. Strength and Honor.