Command Chief Alger's September 2011 Message

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Robert A. Alger
  • 138th FW
Once again, the 138th Fighter Wing is on the move. We have been called upon to deploy and with exceptionally short notice. The base is buzzing as we prepare another group of our 138th Fighter Wing Airmen Warriors to answer our nations call. As we prepare to deploy, ourselves or supporting those that are, you should each take great pride in the fact that this Wing has had its men and women deployed downrange in support of our national security objectives non-stop since 2001. Our folks have been a part of Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Jump Start, New Dawn and others. Our Airmen have served from Florida to Bagdad, from Kabul to Qatar. During each of these rotations our airmen have faced unique and sometimes significant challenges. At each and every turn our airmen have shown themselves to be exceptional professionals always executing the mission, ON TIME, ON TARGET!! In the last few months we have had the privilege to welcome home members of the 219th EIS, the 138th CES and the 138th SFS as they returned from 179+ day deployments and the reports of their performance has been exceptional. Welcome home! We are glad to have you back and proud to say you are ours.
Keep in your thoughts the families of those that will soon depart. They carry the heaviest burden. I know we say it regularly, "We couldn't do it without them". Do we really understand the depth of the families sacrifice? I think we would like to believe that we are the ones that have it tough, six on, one off, living in tents, combat showers etc. The reality is, the families plight is every bit as difficult and we need to acknowledge that fact and sincerely thank them. We should thank them, every day, for serving with us. They are warriors, no different or less committed than those that swore an oath and deserve recognition as such. This coming UTA is Family Day and recognition for these unsung warriors is the order of the day. Bring your family out, let them see a little of what you do first hand, have a little fun and hopefully a laugh or two. They deserve it and so do you.
See you in the dunk tank and as always, thanks for standing on the wall.