Command Chief Alger's October 2011 Message

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Robert A. Alger
  • 138th FW
   Family day has come and gone and with it the first 138th Fighter Wing NCO Dining out. Both events were resounding successes. It's incredibly important that we participate in these functions because they are perfect for keeping us grounded to the world beyond our day to day grind. We seem to face great challenges each and every year, from inspections to deployments, from mountains of ancillary training to the fitness assessment, we have a never ending battle to just get our jobs done. The trials, tribulations and challenges we face create stress, and stress can have a significant impact on our ability to effectively complete our mission. The response to this potential hazard to our mission is for airmen, at all levels, to develop resiliency. Both physical and emotional resiliency is necessary to do what you do. Many of our airmen completed the fitness assessment during September UTA. Fitness is one way to improve resiliency and another is the wingman concept. As Airmen we have chosen to look out for each other. Be a good wingman, Know that asking for help or getting help for a buddy is a sign of strength. As a wing we are in the process of sending some of our folks off to war and doing it in record time. This has caused a great deal of stress on our airmen. Are you watching out for your wingman? Are you paying attention to not only your wingman's physical safety but also his or her mental and emotional well being as well? The wingman accepts responsibility for his or her wingman's welfare both ON and OFF duty. Building resiliency, both physically and emotionally, will ensure the continuance of the mission no matter the roadblocks and in the process continue to be the finest Fighter Wing in the Air Force.
   As always, thanks for "standing on the wall"