138th Fighter Wing Congratulates NCOA Graduates

  • Published
  • By SMSgt Bryan Hilbert
  • 138th FW/EPME Instructor
   Congratulations to the 12 Technical Sergeants and 2 Staff Sergeants who graduated 27 June 2012 from the Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Education (EPME) Center's Satellite NCO Academy, Class 12-4, at McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN.

John Levitow Award winner:
TSgt Thomas Enyart, 138CES

Distinguished Graduate:
TSgt Daniel Parker, 138CF

The remaining graduates are:
TSgt Justin Baker, 138AMXS
TSgt Kathryn Brown, 138SFS
TSgt Kenneth Ground, 138MDG
TSgt John Howard, 138AMXS
TSgt Arin Johnson, 138AMXS
SSgt Kyle Lane, 138SFS
TSgt Katy Martin, 138MDG
TSgt David Metcalf, 138AMXS
TSgt Joy Panell, 138AMXS
TSgt Chad Patterson, 138MXS
SSgt Chad Samsel, 138MXS
TSgt Robert Wilson, 138MXS

   The above NCOA Class 12-4 graduates completed a rigorous curriculum focused on academically, physically, mentally and emotionally challenging programs to prepare them to assume positions of greater responsibility. The advantage these students have in taking the satellite course is the immediate implementation of the lessons learned. The course itself is comprised of 12 weeks of home-station training (2 nights per week, 4 hours per night) followed by two and a half weeks of in-residence classes. Students graduated from the EPME center with in-residence credit and received the PME ribbon.

   The 138FW was recognized by the EPME Center in two areas: one, our unit provided the largest number of students from any one base (out of 15 bases); and two, we had two students who graduated with top honors. TSgt Thomas Enyart, 138CES earned top honors as the John L. Levitow Award winner. The Levitow award is the highest honor awarded and is based on summative objective and performance evaluations, as well as instructor and peer leadership points. TSgt Daniel Parker, 138CF, earned the Distinguished Graduate Award for NCOA Class 12-4. The Distinguished Graduate Award is presented to the top 10 percent of the class.

   TSgt Enyart said "The most important part of taking the course was having the opportunity to meet and hang out with people from the base that I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. It is very beneficial to get an understanding of what everyone else does on base and how that can relate to your job." When asked what he would say to future students, he said, "Personnel completing this course will have multiple take-aways they can start implementing almost immediately. The most important thing besides the contacts you meet in the course would be the ability to see what drives and motivates people. This allows you to ensure you are helping them stay on track and giving them positive reinforcement to help them to meet their goals."